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Zagreb’s next top hostel

bunkbedkid.jpgOne of the newest hostels in Zagreb, Fulir Hostel has only been open since 2006. That makes its meteoric rise and its perch atop the hostel market in that city all the more impressive. Ranked at the top of most of the Internet booking websites, Fulir Hostel also has rabid endorsements from travelers and a great looking website to recommend it.

Fulir Hostel’s most impressive bit of evidence to recommend it is its location. Just 50 meters off the main square in Zagreb, the hostel is convenient to the center of the city and part of the central downtown atmosphere. The hostel’s visitors create the scene as much as they enjoy it and you’ll find that the hostel itself is as much a part of the downtown culture as anywhere else.

Despite the fact that it’s new, Fulir Hostel has the feel of an older hostel. Everyone sleeps in large, shared dorm rooms with either 4 or 12 beds. There are cabinets with lockable latches for valuables, but that is about as far as the security measures go. There are no private rooms, only those where you get to meet and live with your fellow traveler, whether they’re your best buddies or complete strangers.

The prices at Fulir are standard for the country’s hostels, running about 20 Euros per bed per night and less when the tourists stop filling the hostel and the city in the winter.

If the hostel has one giant short-coming, it is its size. Fulir’s fullness is often a problem among travelers to Zagreb. The hostel is quite small and can fill up with travelers for weeks in advance. Reservations should be made at Fulir if you want to stay there during the tourist season and you might have to make them a season in advance.

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