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Why You Should Add Buenos Aires to Your RTW Trip

Buenos Aires is a desirable destination for any traveler. It has tons to offer travelers, with its unique mix of South American and European cultures. The people, the food, the wine, and the sites are all appealing and keep tourists coming back for more. The city is a great place to visit for a vacation, but what about adding Buenos Aires to a round the world trip itinerary?

Our sister site, BootsnAll, is the premiere site to go to for RTW (round the world) travel. If you’ve thought about taking an extended trip, the round the world travel planning section is the place you want to start. It will give you all the tips and advice you’ll need for planning a trip of this magnitude.

Building a trip around a city like Buenos Aires is a great idea for round the world travelers. It is a big city with plenty of western amenities to help with the culture shock, but it’s still different enough from home to seem completely foreign. And one of the best things about Buenos Aires is the price it costs to travel there. It may not be as cheap as it once was, but backpackers can still get by on about $30-$40/day. Buenos Aires hostels can be found for a cheap price as well, and you can eat like a king for small sum, making this a perfect addition to your round the world trip.