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Weekend getaway in Palm Springs

Known for the year-round nice weather and beautiful scenery, Palm Springs is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway. Remember when you day dreamed of relaxing in one of those travel hammocks , listening to chill out music and enjoying the scenery?

Then why don’t you look for travel deals to Palm Springs and make your dream come true? If you are already in Los Angeles, then all you need to do is rent a car and head out of the city. Oh yeah, and book a hotel room before you leave. Just in case. Otherwise, look for flights into either Palm Springs or LA. Chances are you’ll find better deals if you fly into LA.

Now that you’ve got a way to get here and a hotel to stay at, it’s time to plan your weekend in the city. Palm Springs can be easily tackled on foot so enjoy the town at your own pace. Other things to do in Palm Springs include visiting the museums or exploring the outdoors. The area is known for some excellent hiking trails, regardless of your fitness level.

If your idea of relaxing is playing a game of golf, then choose one of two resorts. Of course, make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. Or you can book a room in a posh resort and surprised your loved one with a spa treatment.

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