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Visiting Thailand : Affordable, Interesting, Fun

Thailand is an Asian hub, a country which any tourist must see at least once in a lifetime. For those not used to the Asian culture, Thailand can be an excellent start to explore the area. Also, it is known as a cheap place to visit and a heaven for backpackers.

With flights to Bangkok from Hanoi starting at $214 RT per person (on Thai AirAsia) and even cheap from Ho Chi Minh City ($135 RT per person), visiting Thailand is an affordable, interesting and fun experience. Add the fact that beds in dorms start at $12 per night and you can stay in a double room for just $27 per night per person, and you surely don’t need that many more reasons to head to Bangkok now.

But just in case you do… do you know that it’s possible to spend an entire day in Bangkok for just $10 ? The cheap activities in Bangkok include: visiting the temples, visit the markets, or seeing traditional Thai dancing.

And speaking of the temples…before you plan a visit, make sure to also get some research done. Some tips for visiting temples in Thailand include:

  • plan the visit in the morning, that’s when the best ambiance is
  • cover up , avoid the tank tops and shorts
  • women shouldn’t touch monks
  • speak quietly
  • don’t bring food or drink inside
  • consider getting a guide

Sure, Thailand is a lot more than just markets and temples. You can enjoy the beaches and check out the night light. And of course, you must try the authentic Thai food.