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Visiting Stockholm can be affordable

Stockholm is a lively, cosmopolite and beautiful European city. Sweden’s capital sits on 14 islands, connected by 500 bridges and offers an interesting Old Town, along with many parks and gardens. However, Sweden is not exactly a very cheap place to visit, and, as a result, tourists often avoid planning a vacation here.

Most of the city’s attractions are located in the inner city. Norrmalm is the commercial district and where you should look for shopping opportunities. The Old Town is dominated by the Royal Palace and the Riksdag (the Parliament). But if you want to see most of the attractions, then you are better off using a Stockholm Card. The 72 hours one costs about US$100 but most entrance fees start at US$15 so it will quickly pay for itself.

Planning to visit Stockholm on a budget means you should use the public transportation ; plus if you use the tub, the cost of transportation is included in the Stockholm Card. Also, when planning to eat out, avoid the Old Town where everything is overpriced. Most Stockholm hostels also have a common kitchen so you can buy groceries at the store and cook for yourself. Not to mention that you’ll also save on accommodation, if you choose a hostel.

Aside from accommodation, airfare to Stockholm will also burn a hole in your pocket. So, plan your vacation a bit in advance (4 to 6 weeks before the departure). And also look for low cost carriers which fly into Stockholm.

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