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Visit Vietnam this September and enjoy the beach

Not many travelers know that Vietnam is one of the cheap beach destinations in the world. China Beach, located close to Da Nang – the country’s third largest city -, is a surfers’ paradise and thanks to its location, swimming and other water activities are possible here year round.

So why not head to Vietnam this September? In general, getting tickets to Vietnam is not a very expensive deal. Consider flying through one of the large travel hubs in Asia, such as Bangkok. Flights from London to Ho Chi Minh City start at US$1068 return , while if you leave from New York you’ll pay from US$1030 return. Both flights require a stopover (either in Bangkok or in Hong Kong).

From Ho Chi Minh City, travel to Da Nang by plane, train or bus. Unless you want to see the country while you travel and don’t plan to make additional stops along the way, you can get a domestic cheap flight between the two cities. Otherwise, buses are the cheapest option.

You should look for budget accommodation in Da Nang , as it’s the closest large town to China Beach. Expect to pay from US$30 per room, per night in mid-range hotels.

Another option in Vietnam is Nha Trang, the most famous sea side resort in the county. Aside from swimming and soaking up the sun, you can try diving and snorkeling or see some of the waterfalls located near-by.

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