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Visit the ancient enigmas in Peru

Peru is best known for being home to Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. For the adventure travelers, hiking the Inca Trail is one of the things they must do while visiting the country. Next time you plan to trek in the Andes, consider exploring the ancient enigmas in Peru .

Puerta de Hayu Marka is located near Lake Titicaca and is one of the strangest attractions in Peru. According to legend a priest passed through the portal into another dimension. Strange things seem to happen here and people have gone missing. But, even so, guided tours are organized so you can see this interesting place.

Cumbe Mayo, located close to Cajamarca, is also a strange place with its canals with sides that are precision cut to 90 degree angles. No one knows how it was done and why. You can also book one of the 2-hours guided tours to this place.

Probably the best-well known enigmas of Peru are the Nazca Lines. No one knows why they are there and what they served for. They are best viewed for air, so you should invest in a flight above them.

Caral is being currently organized for tourism. Restorations are taking place so that the settlement of five pyramids can be explored safely. Meantime, only guided tours are permitted.

The easiest way to organize a vacation to comprise at least some of these sites – and definitely the Nazca Lines – is to look for flights to Cusco . In most cases you’ll make a stop along the way, in one of the large South American hubs. Once in the country, plan to book hostels in Peru . They are cheap but offer the facilities you need. And if you want privacy, just book a private room.

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