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Vietnam in December

December is definitely part of the high season in Vietnam, particularly due to those planning to get to an exotic destination for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Plan your flight and accommodation ahead of them and avoid flying during the busiest days of the year. Head to the beach or visit the cities, but don’t forget to taste the local cuisine, too.


In December the weather is cooler in Hanoi and often cold in the north-west regions. So, no trekking in Sapa, as it’s too cold for that. The further south you go, the milder the weather will do. And on the coastlines you can enjoy the sun and get a lovely tan.

Sample temperatures

Hanoi avg high 21C /avg low 15C
Ho Chi Minh City avg high 30C / avg low 22C
Hue avg high 23C/avg low 18C

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Flights and accommodation

International flights to Vietnam skyrocket by Christmas , so you plan to be in Vietnam in December, plan ahead and try to get here before the holidays. Needless to say, accommodation is not on the cheap side either, so plan in advance.

Things to do

Hit the beaches as now it’s the best time to get a tan in Vietnam. Sure, it’s going to be crowded particularly around Christmas time, but it’s also nice and warm. Enjoy the beach activities or plan to snorkel.

The weather is cooler now in Vietnam but if you come from colder climates you’ll actually consider it mild and warm. Still, it can get colder so pack and extra sweater. But, cooler weather also means you can enjoy visiting the cities …so, head to
Ho Chi Minh City and its markets , historical sites and museums; or go to Da Nang, Hue and Hanoi and check out the sites.

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In Vietnam for the holidays? Meet up with the expat community and plan a different kind of Christmas. Turkey and mashed potatoes are kind of not the staple food for the holidays here. And speaking of food, enjoy the local cuisine and don’t forget to taste the noodles.

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