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Vietnam in August

August is rainy and it’s not as hot as in June or July. With the locals generally planning a holiday now and the international fares still high, it takes a bit of effort to plan an affordable holiday in Vietnam in August. However, you can go jungle trekking, hit the beaches or visit the cities.


August is the month when it’s no longer too hot in Vietnam. However, it’s the peak month for rain in the north part of the country. It’s rainy in the center and south as well , but the rain seems to back off a little. Highland areas are the coldest.

Sample temperatures

Hanoi avg high 31C /avg low 26C
Ho Chi Minh City avg high 31C / avg low 25C
Hue avg high 34C / avg low 24C

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Flights and accommodation

Many locals plan their domestic vacations in August but it’s not as crowded as in June or July. Still, the international airfares remain high and if you are look for a budget vacation, plan your flight in early September.

Still, look for flights in advance and keep your eyes on the sales available. Also, don’t forget about booking the accommodation .

Things to do

While the best time to visit the beaches is between December and May, the temperatures allow for sunbathing pretty much year round. However, if it rains, you are left with spending your time indoors…maybe book a spa appointment?

But August is the best time to explore Sapa and plan a jungle trekking experience.

If you plan to spend most of your time in the cities, Da Nang, Hue, Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City , and Nha Trang are all good options and each offer something interesting. You can easily plan indoor activities – such as visiting a museum or going to the opera – if the weather is rainy and you cannot spend much time outside. Or you can take a day trip to Ha Long Bay.

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Don’t forget about the local cuisine. Try the bowl of noodles or search for more bizarre options in the outdoor markets .

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