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Valentine’s Day Getaway in Los Angeles

la-beachLos Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the entire United States. The center of the entertainment industry, the City of Angels is also a major fashion hub and shopping center. It might feel a bit unusual to recommend Los Angeles for a romantic getaway. But, we do need to realize that each couple is unique and there are many ways to show your love.

The flight

As in the case of planning any romantic getaway, the first step is to book the airfare. Start by looking into air tickets to Los Angeles . The area is served by several airports and you should look into all possibility. Cheap tickets to LAX are usually easier to find as you’d be flying into the biggest airport in the area.

Alternatively, you can look for cheap tickets to Oakland , spend a few days there and then take a road trip to Los Angeles.

The accommodation

As in the case of all big cities, there are plenty of choices for accommodation. It only depends on what you want to do and therefore choose an area where you want to stay. Considering that you want to impress your lover, you can look for a budget hotel rather than a hostel or a motel. If there are some romantic restaurants in the area, then it’s just for the better.

Romantic things to do in Los Angeles

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Los Angeles isn’t New York or Paris so it’s hard to find a lot of romantic things to do. However, for certain types of couples, Los Angeles can be very romantic. Some as simple as strolling the beach hand in hand and watching the sunset together is enough to make your lover’s heart jump for joy.

You can walk hand in hand and do some shopping. Of course you can dare to give her your credit card (as a special Valentine’s gift) but you are the only one who will know what will happen with your credit limit. Or take her to a very romantic restaurant with a view – maybe in a place perched high above the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If your budget allows for splurges, invest in a romantic sunset flight. When the sun sets over the city, take your loved one and watch the colors from above. For added bonus, get the dining option as well. If planes aren’t romantic (or adventurous) enough, then you can always go for a romantic helicopter ride. You can add the champagne upgrade for a more bubbly experience (or if you want to pop the question).

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