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Two reasons to visit England: Stonehenge and Tyneham

Planning a vacation in England means you’ll be faced with a lot of decisions. London is easy to get to thanks to the many airlines serving its airports and cheap airfare to Europe is not hard to find either, especially if you plan in advance. And once in London, you’ll surely be tempted to spend as much time as you can here. I managed to see most of the city’s main sights during a four days trip in spring but if your time is limited, you can plan a marathon sightseeing experience during two days.

Then, travel to Salisbury. If you want to see the English country side, either choose the train, by bus or rent a car. Make sure to book one of the cheap hotels in Salisbury ahead of time. Its proximity to Stonehenge makes it a popular town and therefore not the cheapest alternative if you are after a hotel. But B&Bs are great choices as well and they offer good facilities at lower rates. Plan to spend at least half a day in the city and don’t forge to visit the Cathedral

Now it’s time to visit Stonehenge, the well-known Neolithic and Bronze Age stone monument. To get here, take the tour bus from Salisbury (the ticket is £18). Once there, choose one of the walking tours.

From Stonehenge, get back to Salisbury and then travel to Dorchester either by bus or by rental car. From here, drive to Tyneham, one of the famous European ghost towns . It is not open for the public all the time, so make sure you do your homework and know when the Lulworth Military Range is open for the public. You can spend at least half a day here but make sure you stick to the pathways.

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