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Turkey in October

Autumn is another wonderful time to enjoy Turkey but it’s also a very popular time to visit the country, especially for those planning an independent vacation. So, expect crowds and high prices. On the plus side, the weather is still warm and you can sunbathe and swim on the coast. And if you plan to enjoy some sightseeing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the weather


The weather is still warm and sunny in early October but by the end of the month the autumn rains might ruin your plans. In Central Anatolia it’s already possible to snow. On the coastal regions, it’s still possible to enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

Some sample temperatures

Ankara avg high 18C / avg low 3C
Antalya avg high 26C / avg low 12C
Bursa avg high 21C / avg low 10C
Denizli avg high 22C /avg low 10C
Istanbul avg high 19C / avg low 12C
Izmir avg high 23C / avg low 12C

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Flights and accommodation

October is another high season for Independent travelers heading to Turkey. Although the days are shorter , the hotels in Istanbul and Cappadocia fill up quickly with those coming here for sightseeing. So, book your flight and the accommodation in advance.

Things to do

Kurban Bayramı, a major Turkish religious holiday, takes place in October and practically shuts down the country for about a week.

Republic Day falls on October 29 and is the most patriotic day in Turkey. It commemorates the proclamation of the Turkish Republic by Atatürk in 1923. Enjoy the parades but take note that some of the streets will be closed on this day and October 28 is a half-day holiday as well.

If you plan to spend more days in Istanbul, make sure to enjoy some of the things to do in Istanbul such as shopping in the Bazaars, visiting the mosques and churches, and enjoying the Turkish food and sweets.

If you plan to explore the ancient city of Ephesus or the hot springs of Pamukkale , then Izmir is a good base for such trips. Kusadasi is a good option, too, but it’s further away. Still, it’s closer to the beaches so if you plan to soak up the sun, you can still do that in October.

Or you can explore the region of Cappadocia , famous for the cave dwellings and great wines. Kayseri is a good base in the area but make sure to book the accommodation in advance.

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