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Travel to Buenos Aires during Autumn

Autumn in Buenos Aires lasts between April and June. It’s the perfect time to invest in a Spanish class abroad. Or you can plan to make some money abroad by teaching English lessons.

Autumn allows you to travel like a local in Buenos Aires . The weather is warm and makes you want to explore the sights and check out the many markets in the city. You can shop for clothes (and find excellent bargains, too) or you can watch the Tango dancers early on Sunday mornings.

This period is also excellent for bargains. If you like football, then get a ticket ahead of time and watch one of the matches at the famous La Bombonera football stadium. Of course, it’s also the time when you can easily grab cheap fare to Buenos Aires . The city is easily accessible from North America, Europe and Asia. Almost all international flights land on Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport, which makes finding a bargain really easy.

Non-stop flights from the United States depart from Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston, New York and Washington, D.C. These are offered by the large airlines such as United, Continental, Delta Airlines or American Airlines.

With the flight booked, make sure to also look for Buenos Aires hotels . Just like in any large city, they range from dirty cheap to luxurious so choosing the right one for you is a matter of budget.

Budget wise, expect to pay from $1100 round trip per person (if departing from New York) in mid-June. As for accommodation, you can find rooms from $24 per night (2 persons, wi-fi in lobby). For $40 per night (2 persons) you can stay in the heart of the city (wi-fi in the room, TV, phone, safety box, AC).

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