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Tour Canada This Summer

Are you sick of the European beach vacation you plan every year? Or do you really want to take a break from visiting the European cities? Then, think out of the box. Sure, the price tag for your vacation will be higher but it’s totally worth it to spend several weeks in Canada this summer.

Start by looking up cheap flights to Canada . Both Toronto and Vancouver are served by large airports which receive plenty of flights from Europe. A round trip flight to Toronto (from London) starts at £706 per person; while a round trip flight to Vancouver is more expensive, starting at £806 per person. Once in Canada, flying between the two cities starts at £204 per person, one way. Alternatively, you can travel by train.

Regardless of which city you decide to fly into, remember to book the hotels as well. Cheap hotels in Toronto start at as low as $93CAD per room per night at the end of July. Discounts can still be found, especially if you book online. Likewise, hotels in Vancouver range from affordable to expensive but with a bit of search you can find something to suit your budget.

Alternatively, hostel beds in Toronto start at $20CAD (in a private room). Of course, location does influence the price so you can find privates at $45CAD per night as well, but you’ll have free wi-fi and stay in downtown Toronto. Likewise, in Vancouver privates start at $21CAD per night but for $45CAD a night you can stay on the central nerve of the city scene and have free wi-fi.

Remember to add the cost of local transportation to your budget and don’t forget you’ll also have to pay for the meals. An easy way to save on these costs is to buy the food at the farmers’ markets and plan to enjoy picnics in the parks rather than eat in a restaurant. And if the hostel has a common kitchen, you will have the opportunity to cook something for yourself.

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