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Things to do in Mendoza

Mendoza is the center of the Argentinian wine industry and is also close to Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains in the world. But what else is there to do besides tasting wines and going hiking?

Wine tours

Many bodegas – wineries – offer wine tours and you can either search for them yourself or ask the personnel at the hotel for some ideas. You can also visit wineries in the area. Best time to visit Mendoza if you have wine tasting on your mind? March and April.

A walk in the park

Parque San Martín surely offers a lot more than just a walk in the park. If you plan to take a break from the wine tasting, then you can bike or walk here. Another good idea is to follow the path to Cerro de la Gloria for some lovely views of the area. For a modern feel, head to the Central Park with its interesting fountains.

People watching in Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia is the central main square. You can spend time people watching or checking out the buildings and restaurants in the area.

Take photos in Plaza España

Plaza España is probably the most beautiful square in the city. It highlights the special connection with Spain. It is decorated with typical Andalusian and Spanish motifs so make sure to bring your camera along.

Cooking classes

Along with wine tours, you can also take cooking classes in Mendoza. You learn to prepare several dishes but wine is definitely a major part of the class.

Go extreme: paragliding

Tandem paragliding can be practiced pretty much every day here. There are two companies which offer such experiences and the cost is about US$100 per flight (15 min).


Cerro Alco can be reached after a pleasant half day hike from the city and it can be done independently. It offers lovely views of the Andes and is the base for paragliding, too.

If you want the path to yourself, plan the hike during the week as it’s quite popular with locals over the weekends and can get pretty crowded.

Climb Alta Montaña

Alta Montaña is the highest peak in the Americas. Don’t expect it to be an easy hike but it’s worth the experience. And remember, you cannot do this independently, you need to choose a reputable operator.


The Andes are high mountains and the skiing season is a good reason to try the powdery snow. Las Leñas is the most important ski resort in the area. June to August are the months when you want to come here for skiing.

Horse riding

Gauchos are a big part of the Argentine culture and if you want to learn more about them, then a horse riding adventure is what you look for. Ask the personnel at the hotel (hostel) to recommend a good agency for an overnight tour.

White Water Rafting on Mendoza River

If paragliding isn’t your thing, maybe you can test your limits while navigating the river. Always go with a reputable agency and remember that , if you choose an insurance before you leave home, it should also comprise extreme sports.

Photo credits: Winery , Parque San Martín , Plaza Independencia , Plaza España , Paragliding , Climbing , Horse Riding , White water rafting