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Taxis on the Bay Islands

Taxis very all over the country very in shape, style, and sheer number depending on where you are. In the Bay Islands for example, you wont find taxis on every island, only the big ones. Rotan, of course being the only big one. Places like Guanaja on the other hand, don’t have many cars, let alone a taxi system. Below are some tips for catching a taxi on the island of Rotan.

When you get a taxi in Rotan there are two types of service. These services include express or collectivo. The express service means that you will not stop and pick up other passengers on they way to your destination. As such, you will get to your destination faster. Of course, this express services is reflected with a higher rate. Collectivo service is the exact opposite. The price of these taxis are cheaper because they will regularly pick up other passengers on the way to a given destination.

There are also collectivo vans. These are the same as the collectivo taxis, but are usually even cheaper than the taxis. The only problem is that these tend to be unmarked. The only way to get one of these is to flag down any van you see. If it is a collectivio van, it will stop. If not, it will just keep driving.

The official taxis on Rotan are white with a yellow box on the side that has their number.

The taxi from the islands airport to just about anywhere on the island is US$10. This is a fixed fee, so don’t bother trying to find a better deal. The taxi should take you directly to your hotel, no matter how far out of the way it is.