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Sweden in May

May starts to see warm weather and the locals welcome it with a summer-like picnic on Labor Day (May 1). The wildflowers are in bloom and it’s wonderful to visit the countryside. Also, many summer activities start to open but you can still take advantage o the off-season fares.


The month of May is much prettier than the Swedish summer because all the wildflowers burst into bloom now. The weather is getting warmer , but you must pack a light jacket for the day and a warmer one for the evenings. Layering is probably the best approach for spring weather. Don’t forget the comfortable shoes.

Sample temperatures

Gothenburg avg high 15C/60F; avg low 6C/44F
Malmo avg high 15C/60F; avg low 6C/44F
Stockholm avg high 15C/60C; avg low 5C/41F
Uppsala avg temp 9C/48F

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Flights and accommodation

May falls during the off season, so finding an affordable flight to Sweden is possible. However, please remember to book both the flight and accommodation in advance, although prices aren’t as high as during the summer.

Things to do

The month kicks off with Labor Day (May 1) , a public holiday celebrated with festivals and parades. It’s a day when the locals plan a summer-like picnic.

The best thing about May is that most of the summer activities are open – except for the scenic train rides – and the nature is absolutely amazing as the wildflowers are in bloom. It’s too cold though to consider camping or spending time on the beach – unless you plan to have a picnic – but otherwise you can enjoy other activities, such as: fishing, hiking, diving, biking, golfing or horse riding.

Spend some time in the capital and try some of the things to do here, such as: exploring the Old Town , watching the changing of the guard and spending time in the parks. You can also plan a day trip to the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.

In late May, catch the Stockholm Archipelago Fair, an outdoor event with Swedish food and music. You can also buy traditional handicrafts.

By the last week of May, in Bjoürkliden, it’s possible to see one of the most impressive natural phenomenons in Sweden: the Midnight Sun. It is the exact opposite of the Polar Nights –hence is also known also as Polar Days – and it can only be seen from late May until mid July. Unfortunately, by May, it’s not possible to see the Aurora Borealis anymore.

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