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Study Spanish in Guatemala

I’ve always loved to learn new languages. And over the years I’ve realized that speaking the language with the natives is an excellent way to learn more. But even better is to start studying a language in the country where it’s spoken. Traveling for this purpose can be quite expensive but language study on a budget is possible.

Want to learn Spanish? Sure, Spain and Mexico will pop in your head but cost-wise, Guatemala is cheaper than Mexico. Plus, the language spoken here is pure (by the book).

The country has a long and distinctive history of mixing Spanish and Mayan elements. It offers superb landscapes, a lot of historical sites and a laid-back culture.

Before you rush to look for airfare to Guatemala and book a room in one of the cheap hotels in Guatemala City , do take into account the cost of the language courses. It costs about $4 per hour (outside of Guatemala City and Antigua), while accommodation starts at about $20 per week.

So if you plan to take 20 hours per week in an intense, immersion program, and spend 12 weeks in Guatemala, you’ll have to pay $960. Also, you need to rack up about $240 for accommodation (excluding food). Therefore, with just $1200 you can stay in Guatemala for 3 months, learn Spanish and enjoy the country. Of course you need to add the cost of food, flights and extra expenses.

Hint: it’s sometimes cheaper to fly into Mexico City and then take a connection flight into Guatemala City.

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