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Split Hotels


With high-end resorts neighboring cheap hostels, Split hotels don’t exactly fill the gap of mid-range accommodation for families traveling together or business travelers looking for the nicest hotel they can get their boss to sign off on.

Two recent additions to the hotel scene around Split, however, have started to change that. Le Meridian Hotel, opened last year, is part of the larger chain that stretches across all seven continents with a hotel in most every major city. Although the rooms are a little on the higher side of the price range, there are ways to get a cheaper deal its location outside of central Split keeps the prices down a little bit.

Hotel Park recently added a star to its wall with a renovation in 2000 that updated its 54 rooms and 3 suites to among the finest in Croatia. Winner of the prestigious “tourist flower,” the Park retains its authentic flavor while offering affordable luxury at 103 Euros a night.

If you can survive without that fourth star, try a room at the Adriana Hotel or the Hotel Bellevue. The Adriana Hotel runs its facility as a bed and breakfast with rooms starting at 550 Kuna. That works out to about 75 Euros and the location of the Adriana—overlooking either the beach or old-town Split—will be a pleasant surprise on your visit.

Nearby Hotel Bellevue combines old time architecture and design to create a welcoming feel in its hotel, also in the center of town. Just outside its doors, the Split Festival of Music holds an annual concert every year, taking advantage of both the atmosphere and the fantastic acoustics created by the concrete walls of the surrounding buildings.

Rooms in Hotel Bellevue run between 500 and 1000 kuna, depending on what kind of luxury and view you want out of your room. Meals and live music are available in the restaurant at the bottom of the facility and Split’s active bar and club scene are a walk away from your room.

Aside from the larger, multi-story hotels, there are several smaller establishments that fill their six or seven rooms each night and turn a tidy profit without altering the Split hotel and hospitality market all that much. With the small number of rooms however, service is stepped up a notch and the increase in value is accompanied by a slight increase in price. Although you won’t pay for the brand-name of a larger place, if you’re limited by your budget, one of these smaller places would best be skipped in favor of a really top quality hostel.

For an alternative to hotels, check out apartments in Croatia. There’s plenty of options for private apartments and villas on Adriatic sea.