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Spend New Years in Amsterdam

The other days I was talking to my friends about our (non-existent) holiday plans. Typically, Christmas means spending time with the family and friends and New Years usually revolves around a party…or two. But this year, I want something special and I was thinking about spending New Years in Amsterdam .

Since December is knocking on our doors already, now it’s the right time to look for New Years travel deals . Of course, finding cheap flights and affordable accommodation means you have to be flexible, plan your vacation in advance and don’t overlook the low-cost carriers.

Depending on how many days off you’ve got for New Years – New Year’s Day is a Saturday, by the way – you should consider flying on December 28 (Tuesday), 29 (Wednesday) or 31 (Friday) and back home on January 1 (Saturday), 4 (Tuesday) or 5 (Wednesday).

When it comes to finding cheap tickets to Amsterdam from Sweden, the bad part is that there aren’t that many low-cost carriers serving the routes between the two countries. If you fly from Stockholm on December 31 and get back home on January 4, expect to pay €178 for the return flight on KLM.

Don’t forget to book the accommodation ahead of time as well. Private rooms in hostels start at €15 per night (Marnix Hotel and Hostel, located in the heart of Amsterdam). If you are after the hot night life, choose one of the party hostels or one located close to the hot spots. After all, the whole idea of traveling for New Years is to attend fabulous parties in fabulous cities!