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Solar Eclipse Libya March 29

Which Way to the Solar Eclipse?
Which Way to the Solar Eclipse?
Judging from the amount of tourists flooding Libya to see the solar eclispe tomorrow, I am sure that the Libyans authorities are quite busy right now dealing with a massive influx of people. The number of tourists, announced by Libyan government, are quit impressive: There are more than 1,500 Americans, 1,250 British and over 500 Germans, plus a hodge podge of other Europeans. To be honest, I am surprised that Americans turned out in big numbers. Maybe the CIA is secretly infilitrating the country.

In this article, “Tourists make rare visit to Libya for eclipse,” it says that Egypt, Morroco, and Tunisia have more than 6 million tourists annually, while Libya has less than half a million. Given that Libya is opening up to the West, it seems like it could be a much better experience from the hassles of Cairo or Marrakech.