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Safe Travels in Libya

Whenever you talk with people (not travelers) about traveling to Libya, everybody thinks you are downright stupid for traveling to this North African country. Libya = safe haven for terrorism from many naive people’s perspectives. Naturally, if they haven’t traveled much outside the US, and think the US media has an accurate depiction of this country, anyone would assume this to be true. I would. However, just like most places in the world, these assumptions are downright false.

Probably over since the Cold War, the past days of secret police following foreigners is over. Libya is probably one of the safest North African countries where you can travel hassle free. It’s untouched. There are no terrorists hunting down Westerners. Given the amount of hassles in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisa, Libya is comparatively hassle-free country with warm locals who are wanting connections to the outside world.

All the travelers that we have come in contact with say that Libya is a wonderful country with open arms, hoping to develop their tourism and build their economy.

Why not go?