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Royal Mile Backpackers

entranceHome of the Macbackpacker Tours and in partnership with the Castle Rock and High Street Backpackers, Royal Mile offers a small homey feel with great staff. Located in a prime location on the Royal Mile just down the way from Edinburgh Castle and surrounded by lots of pubs and restaurants, the door is a little inconspicuous so keep your eyes open. With only 46 beds you are sure to get to know everyone especially if you join the Thursday night pub crawls.

The dorm beds have just been raised to give guests more room for their bags, be aware that the top bunk has no safety bar, (they are in process of adding them), the shared bathrooms are a bit tight and the kitchen is almost non-existent. But it has everything you need at a good price, including just £1.90 for a continental breakfast. One of the novelties here is that the rooms are all named with things such as “Addictions”, “Star Wars” etc… so instead of having a number to remember you have a theme and your bed has a quirky label, I approved of the “chocolate addictions”. Remember to hold onto the little green card you are given at check-in to prove you are staying there, it also gets you loads of good discounts at pubs and restaurants.

If you happen to stumble home after a very late night and it is between 3am and 7am, you will have to find your way across the street to High Street Backpackers and have someone let you in to Royal Mile as the door locks during those hours.


105 High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1SG