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Round The World via Europe

RTW vacations typically include many budget countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India or Turkey. But if you manage to plan the vacation right, you can fit in some European countries as well, without breaking the budget.

Did you know that many European countries are very cheap to visit? You didn’t? Then read on. Countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria are excellent places to visit during a RTW vacation. Both accommodation and food are cheap. You’ll probably have a bit of a headache with planning the transportation part, but that can also be solved with a bit of practice.

Look up flights to Istanbul and plan to visit the city for couple of days. It will allow you to experience both the Asian culture and the European culture, hence avoiding the cultural shock when you step onto the Old Continent. Cheap Istanbul hotels aren’t hard to find , either, especially if you plan ahead of time.

Then, book a flight to Sofia (Bulgaria). Direct flights start at €122 per person one way (in late September). You can then spend a day or two in the capital and then explore the coastal area, close to Varna, where you can visit some interesting sights and relax, as well. From Sofia, you can head to Zagreb (Croatia) via Budapest (Hungary). Although Budapest tends to be a bit expensive during the summer, if you plan your vacation in early to late fall, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find excellent prices. Room rates start at €45 per night in hotels but you can find cheaper accommodation in hostels. Do allow several days in the city because there is a lot to see.

Central, Eastern and the Balkans can be excellent stops on your RTW vacation. The trick is to plan ahead and be flexible.

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