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Rodeo Drive

rodeo.jpgRodeo Drive’s shops and stores are some of the most expensive in the world. The shopping experience down Rodeo finds haute couture taken to new levels along the famous street where you’ll find unparalleled service if you make a purchase and be shown the door if you dare to enter the wrong store without dressing up to the level of their usual clientele.

For a street of the most exclusive order, Rodeo Drive comes from humble beginnings. Originally a path for horses and horse-drawn carts, the shopping district that stands today was not established until the 1970’s. Before that, nary an Yves-Saint Laurent could be found on the road.

The term “Rodeo Drive,” refers to N Rodeo Drive, which runs from Santa Monica Blvd to Wilshire Ave. The short three block shopping district is located in Beverly Hills and is one of the more famous parts of the city.

Window shopping along Rodeo Dr is recommended if you’re in need of some really potent sticker shock, but actually going into a store is done at your own risk. While you probably won’t get kicked out, if you cause a scene and don’t seem like you’re going to buy anything, there may be some impolite exchanges.

Christmas is the best time of year to visit Rodeo Drive. Crews decorate the streets with lights and create a festival atmosphere on the weekends. Although it’s hard to justify spending extra time out shopping and fighting crowds during the holidays, they are the best time to see Rodeo and the incredible affluence surrounding it.

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