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Reasons you should be in Croatia right now


The Zagreb Film Festival runs all this week, October 21-27, featuring the best films of 2007 from Russia, Serbia, New Zealand, Israel, and of course, Croatia.

Like Cannes and Sundance, the festival features primarily art films and cerebral comedies, unlike Cannes and Sundance, the festival’s mascot is a Superman clone with pink briefs and cape.

The film festival takes place every October at the Student Centre in downtown Zagreb, this year with 11 feature films, 15 short films and 12 to 14 documentaries. Audience voters decide the Audience VIP award to one film and a jury of Croatian filmmakers decide the winners of the “Golden Pram” award, which comes with a cash prize, in each category.

Get there before Autumn Leaves

Autumn in Croatia got some good press recently attracted some attention now that Jelenje, on the interior of Croatia is attracting visitors with its colorful fall foliage and beautiful scenery. The region has become popular enough that the first travel guide for the region was published this year and a heritage museum highlighting the regions’ unique history and culture.

Upcoming books on the region include a specialized guidebook for cyclists and literature on the area’s extensive hiking and mountain climbing opportunities. The most popular outdoor recreation in the region is highlighted, including the Rjecina River and the mountain house on Hahlic.

As the seasonal travel that dominates Croatia’s summer spreads out to the rest of the year, Jelenje could become a prime fall destination for travelers from around the world. Autumn airfares are the best deals and if the weather cooperates, you can still spend a few days of your vacation in the sun on one of Croatia’s beaches or islands.