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Read. Enjoy. Travel

I read a lot. I’m sort of addicted to reading. I love reading so much that I’ve been involved in a project which offers free books to strangers on streets. It was my favorite thing to do during the summer weekends. I’ve always loved reading. And day dreaming about visiting the places featured in the books.

Reading is our way to escape reality and dream about places we may never be able to visit. But, how about when you read a book and the possibility to fly to the exact same place described in the book is right at your finger tips?

If you happen to buy (or receive as a gift) one of the adventurous coffee table books I’m more than sure that you’ll start making travel plans immediately.

Let’s say you read Surf Photography Of The 1960s & 1970s by LeRoy Grannis. It won’t be long until you’ll start looking for travel deals to Los Angeles and plan your next surfing vacation. Just don’t forget to book one of the cheap LA hotels as well.

I’m currently reading “The DaVinci Code” and all I can think about is visiting Paris. Likewise, when I read some books set in New York, all I could think about was planning my next vacation there. And that’s just by reading novel. If I get my hands on photography and travel books, my backpack is half done by the time I read half of the book!

Photo credit: Cristina Dima