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Prince’s Street East Backpackers

entranceOne might normally assume that a hostel named after one of the main streets in Edinburgh would be located on it. However, this is not so, Prince’s Street East is located on a side alley behind the main drag and takes a little bit of exploring to find. Add to that the slightly scary looking alley that it is in and the dark, dingy entrance with a long twisty staircase and it almost made me want to run in the opposite direction. There is also the City Center Tourist Hostel located at about stair number 55, that adds to the confusion.

Climbing the 77 stairs to the top floor, the walls are brightly painted with amusing cartoons and you almost feel comfortable. The hostel itself is a maze of interconnecting rooms and amazing wall art, there are 100 beds and a strict age limit of 18-35 years. Free tea and coffee, book swap and a lost and found clothes bin are a few of the perks. On Sundays a guest is encouraged to cook up a feast in exchange for 4 free nights (the hostel pays for the food).

It is hard to believe that such a dodgy looking hostel is located right across the way from the famous and ridiculously expensive Balmorral Hotel. But then again the hostel’s slogan is “77 steps to Debauchery”. So if you are looking for an old dingy style hostel, with cheap prices and interesting art work this is the place for you. Then again, if you are a first time backpacker I would suggest a more homely, safe feeling backpackers.


5 West Register Str
Edinburgh, Scotland


common room


large dorm

tv room