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Portugal – warm European winter destination

portugal-lisbonPortugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe and is a preferred winter getaway for the Europeans who want to escape their homeland’s colder climates. Winters are rainy and a bit cold but temperatures never fall below 5C near the sea (although they can get bit under freezing inland).

As any Europe travel guide will tell you, Portugal is one of the best value destinations on the entire continent. Airline tickets to Europe are easy to find year round and Portugal makes no exception. A lot of low-cost carriers fly here, including during winter. If you fly from outside Europe, it’s a good idea to fly into a major hub first, such as London and then catch a low cost flight to Portugal.

Alentejo region – ideal for winter vacation

Portugal offers outstanding landscape diversity, with green mountains in the North to near-desert landscape in the Alentejo region and incredible beaches in the Algarve region.

Alentejo region is an excellent choice for vacation year-round. The soft hills which make up this agricultural region change colors along the year, allowing for some incredible sunsets. Evora is the regional capital and is a culturally rich town. The easiest way to check out the sites is by walking although if you prefer a more romantic approach, don’t be shy to take a horse carriage ride. There are some Roman ruins to check out, the creepy Bone Chapel (decorated with real human bones) and the old aqueduct is also a very interesting sight to see.

Neolithic ruins are spread all over the countryside near Evora, including cave painting and stunning megalithic monuments. Tours can be arranged at the tourist office in the city.

Lisbon – charming, fascinating and warm

When it comes to accommodation, the network of Europe hostels is very well developed in Portugal. More and more budget travelers have discovered that hostels aren’t just for backpackers or dorm-dwellers. Hostels are suitable for families and couples as well, thanks to the private rooms available. If you plan to visit the capital, Lisbon, staying in a hostel is an excellent way to save money.

The charming city entices the visitors with its bleached limestone buildings, culture, laid-back atmosphere and intimate alleys. It is a place popular among tourists year round and with good reasons. There are plenty of things to do and visit in the capital. For a quick and interesting tour of the major sites, take tram 28. The ride costs only €1.40 and you get to see many of the capital’s charming neighborhoods.

Don’t miss taking a photo of the Ponte Vasco da Gama, the longest bridge in Europe (and ninth longest in the world).

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