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Portugal in October

Spring and autumn are two of the best times to visit Portugal. And yes, many other tourists know that , but that doesn’t mean the country is crowded. If you plan to visit Lisbon, pack a waterproof jacket and make some plans in case it rains, such as visiting museums. But, in general , the weather is warm and sunny, so you can enjoy day trips and the country side.


The best times to visit Portugal are spring and autumn, so October falls into this category. The days are pleasantly sunny but the cities and sights aren’t crowded. You can explore the countryside or take a city break. Do expect rain in Lisbon though, so pack a waterproof jacket.

Sample temperatures:
Faro avg 22C / avg low 14C
Lisbon avg high 21C / avg low 13C
Porto avg high 19C / avg low 11C

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Flights and accommodation

October falls during the shoulder season , a popular time to visit Portugal but not as expensive as summer. While it’s a good idea to book the airfare and accommodation ahead of time, you won’t have issues finding a place to stay a week before departure, for example. Hostels https://www.portugaltravelguide.org/hostels can be excellent choices , as well, particularly if you are on a low budget.

Many low costs carriers fly into Portugal, but by late October the number of flights start to decrease a bit. So plan in advance but not too far in advance (for low cost flights that means you pay a bit too much if you plan too far in advance). Keep your eyes on the sales and you’ll probably grab excellent deals.

What to do

October is still warm and although it is rainy in Lisbon, you will be blessed with lovely sunshine. While in Libon, don’t miss Belem , an enchanting historical neighborhood. If it does rain, some other things to do in Lisbon , such as visiting the museums or taking a ride on Tram 28 , will prove to be excellent choices. Or you can hide in a restaurant where you can enjoy the local food and drink.

You can also plan a day trip and visit the Moorish castle of Sintre, located a short drive from Lisbon. And while you are here, don’t miss the Palacio da Pena, built on the site of an old monastery. Today it’s a museum.

If you are a fan of wines, then autumn is the best time to visit Portugal. Aside from tasting Port, other things to do in Porto include sightseeing and visiting the museums . Don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine, as well.

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