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Plan Your Weekend Getaway

Short weekend escapes are just perfect to break the routine and create some new memories. Granted, chances are you’ll be more tired on Monday morning than on the day you left, but … it’s so worth it! Whether you are visiting Los Angeles or you live here, sometimes it’s great to escape to another city for some good old fun.

Planning a vacation on the spur of the moment is thrilling and fun! Typically it’s not about where you head to, but the fact that you actually leave. Weekend travel deals come in many forms and you can save quite a lot of money if you know where to find the bargains. Last minute flight deals and accommodation offers are meant exactly for this type of traveling.

Check out the many travel deals from Los Angeles . You can choose flight-only, accommodation-only or a mixed package. For example, if you saved some miles and you can use them to get a discount on your flight then look for accommodation deals only.

Why not plan a romantic getaway in Las Vegas? The round trip flight starts at $135 per person and packages start at $307 per person (flight and two nights accommodation). All that’s left is to book the LAX airport parking before you leave so that you don’t need to worry about your car while you are away.

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