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Plan Your Escape from LA for the Holidays

Los Angeles is one of those polarizing places; people who live there tend to love it, while those who visit either fall madly in lover, or can’t wait to escape the city. Even if Los Angeles is your heaven on earth, there comes a time when you want to leave. And if you’re family is elsewhere, that time is probably around the holidays.

If you you’re still looking for your holiday flights, you can still find some deals from Los Angeles, you just need to be patient and flexible. You may not get your first choice of flights, so consider altering your travel plans slightly and you could save.  Be sure to check flights on Christmas and Christmas Eve, as well’ often people don’t want to travel on these days, so you might find an unexpected discount, especially on red eye flights.

And don’t count out other forms of transportation, especially if your destination isn’t that far away. Once you add in the time it’ll take you to battle LA traffic, find airport parking at LAX, and then wait in the security line, you might have been able to reach your destination driving there. And you wouldn’t have had to endure any x-ray screenings or invasive pat-downs!

Photo by Olastuen