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Panama in July

While July falls right in the middle of the rainy season, the Caribbean coast enjoys a period with relative dryness. Yes, it might rain but the weather still allows for outdoor activities. You can also visiting Panama City, with its old Spanish colonial architecture and famous Panama Canal. Best of all, July falls during the off peak travel season so everything is affordable and you don’t need to tackle the crowds either.


July enjoys the veranito, or “little summer” , which means there is a dry spell right in the middle of the rainy season. You can expect some torrential rain on the Caribbean coast, but over all it’s not a very month. But on the Pacific Coast and inland, the storms are more powerful and the heat is also quite unbearable.

Sample temperatures

Boca del Toro avg high 28C / avg low 28C
Boquete avg 20C
David avg high 30C / avg low 23C
Panama City avg high 30C / avg low 25C

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Flights and accommodation

While most foreigners prefer to come to Panama during the cold season in the Northern Hemisphere (December to March), those who choose to visit Panama during July will appreciate not only the off peak airfare but also the lack of crowds. It also means you will get a better chance of finding good affordable accommodation .

What to do

Head to the Caribbean Coast and enjoy the beaches. You can dive, snorkel, work on your tan , try windsurfing or kayaking. Don’t forget about shopping and the night life, either.

The San Blas Islands are an excellent option for traveling to Panama in July. Aside from soaking up the sun you can also take rainforest tours and see the waterfalls and the wildlife. Or you can sail between the islands.

If you have some time to spend in Panama City, make sure to take a city tour and see the ruins of the 16th century original city. You’ll also want to see the famous Panama Canal. Casco Viejo – or the historical district- is the old Spanish colonial sector , which offers superb bay views and plenty of restaurants to try the local cuisine. And don’t leave the city without shopping for some souvenirs.

You can also enjoy a scenic train ride on the Panama Canal Railway , which spans between the two oceans. The train ride is about 90 minutes.

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