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Panama in December

The high season starts in December so if you plan to spend your vacation in Panama during this month, plan in advance and expect higher prices. On the plus side, it’s not rainy on the Pacific Coast but it’s hot. So pack your swimsuit and lotion.


On the Pacific Coast, December is one of the rainless months , but it can rain on the Caribbean Coast, although not enough to ruin your trip.

Sample temperatures

Boca del Toro avg high 28C / avg low 28C
Boquete avg 19C
David avg high 30C / avg low 22C
Panama City avg high 30C / avg low 24C

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Flights and accommodation

The peak travel season in Panama starts in December and since everyone wants to escape the cold weather in North America and Europe, the airfare is high now. Also, book the accommodation in advance and expect to pay higher prices, too.

Things to do

Head to the Pacific and enjoy the beaches and the related activities, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing or kayaking. Don’t forget about shopping and you can enjoy the night life, too.

The Caribbean Coast is not a bad choice, either. You can plan to visit one (or more) of the San Blas Islands. Aside from soaking up the sun you can also take rainforest tours and see the wildlife. Or you can plan to sail between the islands.

Panama City is another good choice and easy to visit since you’ll most likely land on its international airport. Make sure to take a city tour and see the ruins of the 16th century original city , see the famous Panama Canal and also visit Casco Viejo – or the historical district- which offers superb bay views. Try the local cuisine and don’t forget to shop for some souvenirs. The nigh life in Panama City is lively and you’ll be sure to find a club which suits your tastes. You can jog or cycle on the Amador Causeway or you can enjoy a meal with a view.

You can also consider taking a scenic train ride on the Panama Canal Railway , which spans between the two oceans. The train ride is about 90 minutes.

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