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New Year’s in Peru

The winter holidays are the busiest time of the year to travel. It starts with Thanksgiving, only to continue with Christmas and New Year’s. So, most likely, we are all looking for the cheapest, best and most amazing travel deal.

Between visiting the family and the friends, why not take your time to explore new places? Peru surely sounds like a very good choice for New Year’s.

Star by looking for New Year’s travel deals into Peru. If you cannot find something to suit your free days and / or budget then start looking for cheap flights to Lima . A round trip flight from New York starts at US$826 on Taca International Air, while if you fly from London, be prepared to spend from US$1307 for a round trip flight on British Airways. It’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth it. Now, make sure to look for hotels in Peru .

Do remember that summer in Lima lasts from December to March so you need to pack accordingly. The temperatures can get as high as 28-30C, although the average is 16-24C.

There are many clubs and restaurants which organize New Year’s parties, so choose one according to your budget. Of course, when you book a hotel for your stay in Peru, you can check whether they offer a special dinner and party for New Year’s.

And you can always plan to hike the Inca Trail on New Year’s Day. Now that’s one special way to celebrate the new year!

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