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Libya Visa Details

This is an email I received for getting a visa for Libya. This is the process you follow, although I am not sure if it’s still the same.

1. A tour company approachs the immigration authority for an invitation to be sent

2. An invitation is sent to the Libyan People’s Bureau in your country. For the US, this is in Ottawa, Canada.

3. When the confirmation ahs been sent, you take your passport, two photographs, and fill in an application form for the visa.

4. Before you hand in your passport, make sure it has your passport information translated into Arabic and printed on your passport by a sworn translator or official department. This, we hear, is no longer true.

5. The visa takes from a few days to two weeks to be issued.

6. People with an Israeli Visa stamp on their Passport will not be issued the Visa in compliance with Libyan embargo against Israel

7. American citizens are indeed allowed to enter Libya.

8. Your Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from date of applying for the visa.

9. Due to recently introduced regulations, you are no longer able to travel in Libya without booking some tour services through a company.

This is the required information for the issue of the Libya tourist visa :

1. First Name

2. Father’s Full Name

3. Family Name (Surname)

4. Mother’s Full Name

5. Date of Birth

6. Place of Birth

7. Nationality

8. Passport No.

9. Passport Date of Issue

10. Passport Date of Expire

11. Passport Issuing Authority

12. Religion

13. Marital Status (Single/Married)

14. Sex (male/Female)

15. Job (Profession)

16. Name of Employer

17. Address of Employer

18. Permenant Address

19. Have you been to Libya before :

20. If Yes, when and for what purpose :

21. The last date of departure from Libya :

22. Address in Libya during last visit :

23. When do you wish to enter Libya :

24. How long do you wish to stay in Libya :

25. Where is the Invitation to be sent :

26. Services required :

27. What is your entry point to Libya :

28. Address in Libya (if known) :

29. Tel and Fax No. both at Home and at Work

30. E-Mail