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Let’s Meet in South Africa to Watch the World Cup Matches

rooney-home-300x300Football fans everywhere rejoice at the idea of heading to South Africa this summer to watch the matches. Especially for you, the World Cup 2010 travel guide comprises enough details about the host cities, venues and travel arrangements so that you can plan everything on your own and don’t risk running into trouble.

Aside from being a good excuse to travel, planning a vacation in South Africa during the World Cup is also an excellent opportunity to meet fellow football fans from all over the world. And with a bit of planning you can add some sightseeing to your itinerary as well. You can add a 3-day safari to your vacation, for example. It’s not very expensive and you get to chance to see the animals in their natural environment.

A true fan won’t leave home without the England World Cup kit . You can choose among several jerseys to show your love for the favorite team. And yes, you can buy your girl one as well.

If for any reason you aren’t able to travel to South Africa in June, then you can always follow England at the World Cup and head to your local pub to watch the matches. Your new jersey will suit you well, don’t you think? Surely, it won’t come close to watch the matches live on the stadium, but there is a certain magic feel to watching the matches together with other fans, guys and girls.

Whatever you do, just remember to stay safe and don’t get drunk. A pint or two of beer is a good way to unwind but more can send you directly into trouble. Always be aware of your surroundings and know where your belongings are.