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Let Technology Help Planning Your France Vacation

It might be that my job sort of made me drag my laptop, camera and cell around all the time…or that I am just way too addicted to being always connected, but one thing is sure: whenever I plan a vacation, technology surely plays a huge role.

Nowadays, smartphones are pretty much small laptops which can help you do anything you ever dreamed of. With the introduction of the iPhone, everyone went crazy to have the latest apps and use them for their needs.

Planning a vacation in France can be very easy if you let technology help. France iPhone apps allow you to carry travel guides with you, without having to fill your backpack with books; and they surely help when you cannot remember a particular French word (or don’t speak the language at all). And if you want to try the local cuisine but you are afraid something weird will turn up in your plate, an iPhone app can help you choose the right dish.

Most of us have totally forgotten about travel agents. Why should we trust them when it’s easy to book cheap flights to Paris online? Just do it from the home computer (or during lunch break at work). You can check various possibilities and choose the best flight and the best prices. Also many airlines offer web-only deals, which are absolutely amazing.

Likewise, searching among the many Paris hotels can be a daunting task but you’ll surely be able to find something that fits your budget and plan. And just like in the case of airlines, hotels also have web-only offers which can save you quite a lot of money (or you can get various perks for free).

Not to mention that you can ask around the travel community and get direct recommendations regarding a particular hotel. I’ve done it many times and I was never disappointed by the suggestions and what I eventually chose.

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