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Less Popular Sights in Buenos Aires

While there are certainly more visited places on earth than Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires remains one of the most popular stops on a trip through South America. You can certainly check off the must-see sights in the city, including repeated visits to the Milongas to watch (or dance) Tango or to parillas to gorge on some of the best steaks you’ll ever have – but why not explore off the beaten path in Buenos Aires, too?

A recent article on BootsnAll offers some ideas for seeing a less-visited side of Buenos Aires. These aren’t undiscovered spots, especially because they’re populated by locals, but they do give visitors a different look at a popular city. Among the ideas mentioned is to attend a polo match (soccer is huge in Buenos Aires, but polo is big among the upper crust of BA society), visit the theatre-turned-bookstore of El Ateneo, and relax with the locals at Palermo’s Park. Another funny note in the article is that while much of Buenos Aires is noted for its beautiful architecture, one of the prettiest buildings in the city is the one housing the city’s water department – El Sanitario.

Buenos Aires is regularly touted as one of the loveliest European capitals – despite the fact that it’s not in Europe – and travelers like to talk about how much cheaper it is to visit BA than it is to visit Paris. More recently, however, prices in Buenos Aires are starting to rise. They’re still no match for the prices in Europe, but people making return visits to Buenos Aires may be surprised to find the city impacting their wallets more than it used to.

Budget travelers may need to look a bit harder to find deals to Buenos Aires, then, or opt for hostels in BA as opposed to the hotels they stayed in last time – but as is the case with many off-the-beaten-path attractions, the less-popular BA sights listed in this article can help you save money on your trip to Buenos Aires.

photo by jvc