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Learning Spanish in Argentina

Any traveler knows it: if you speak at least a bit of the local language, you can enjoy a country way better than if you are stuck with using only English. Not to mention that you can learn a lot more about the culture and people if you can communicate with them properly.

The Spanish you learned at school helps some but what would you do if you don’t speak any word? No problem, learn it while in Argentina! There are literally hundreds of schools which offer classes. Thanks to so many classes available, the prices are affordable and the quality is high.

Also, nowadays, many young travelers want to learn a new language by spending time and studying in the country where the language is spoken. That insures a very easy way to grasp at least the basic knowledge. Plus, nothing can beat the sightseeing you get to do while in Argentina.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Spanish classes you can attend while in Argentina.

University of Buenos Aires

The University offers both regular and intensity classes, for students who haven’t studied Spanish before and for those who already have some Spanish knowledge. The standard is high and the prices are low but the courses are better suited for those who will spend a longer period in Argentina.

>>price:1039 Argentine peso (US$328) , 1 month, 15 hours per week for new students

Cultural Exchange Group of Argentina

The group offers intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Mendoza. Some of the courses are in partnership with universities (including the above mentioned UBA). A good choice for those who need a flexible schedule is the intensity course which starts each week in Buenos Aires. The prices always include accommodation, a free cell phone, airport pickup and cultural activities.

>>price: US$660, 2 weeks, 4 hrs per day Monday to Friday, homestay

American British Institute

The institute is located in Buenos Aires and offers two levels of courses: basic and advanced. They can also help with finding accommodation. The general course include 20 lessons per week and the groups are small (4 to 6) which insures a high level of education.

>>price: N/A (email for details)

Academia Buenos Aires

They offer several types of courses for all skill levels. All classes are in Spanish and are specially designed for foreign students. There is some flexibility as you can choose the length of the course and the level. Also, specially customized classes are available.

>>price: US$380, 2 weeks (email for details)

ABLE Spanish

The school is located in Cordoba and courses begin every Monday and are designed on 6 levels. The groups are small (5) which allows for a high level of education. You can choose the type of course and basically customize it according to your needs. If you need to grasp just the basic knowledge, the Spanish for Travelers course (US$13 per hour) is highly recommended. They can also help with accommodation and meals.

>>price: US$290, 2 weeks (email for details)