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Learn to surf this summer in Portugal

When we think about surfing, images of Hawaiian and Australian beaches come to mind. After all, that’s what we are used with , particularly from the movies. But few travelers know what it’s possible to surf in places such as Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Canada and even China.

The list of unusual places to learn to surf includes Portugal, one of the best vacation destinations in Europe.

But Portugal is better known for unique culture, lively cities, diverse landscape, wine and beaches. It might just be the one of the best value destinations on the Continent. It’s mild climate makes it a lovely destination for those who want to travel during the winter as it offers a nice break from the colder northern climates.

While you are exploring the sights and cities, make sure to try the traditional drinks of Portugal . The most popular of them is Port, the fortified wine, and you can enjoy it at its best in Porto. You can also try Ginjinha – a liqueur made by infusing ginja berries in aguardente -, beer and Portuguese wine. Pair them with traditional food and don’t miss the cheeses either.

If you are already in Europe, airfare to Portugal is easy to find but not always very cheap. You should check out the special offers from various low cost carriers and book your ticket ahead of time. For example, you can fly from London to Porto in August for just £30 (taxes excluded) but you have to book the flight within the next two days. If you fly from other continents, consider making a stop in a large European hub – such as London or Amsterdam – and then book a connecting flight into Portugal.

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