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Kayaking Croatia

kayak.jpgSeeing Croatia by boat is the best way to experience the nation. Every experienced traveler’s dream vacation is to see the country’s thousands of island’s via the water and kayaking is an exciting, cheaper way to do just that.

Sea Kayaking in Croatia is ideal for all skill levels maybe even those who haven’t ever been in a boat before. The calm sea and warm water in Croatia is hard to beat in terms of ease for the average boater and inexperienced paddlers normally afraid of the water may even find that the thought of going overboard is not so bad when it is into the balmy Adriatic.

For more experienced paddlers, there are tours and extended trips between the islands that provide enough paddling to satisfy even the most enthusiastic boater.


Running white water at high speeds in small, current driven river kayaks is not the Croatian style. That’s too aggressive and kayaking in Croatia is all about relaxing, moving under your own power and enjoying the sun.

Tours of the islands are available from the companies up and down the coast of Croatia. Adriatic Kayak Tours offers kayaking throughout the region. Their island hopping tour is their most popular package.

Real Adventures also offers an 8 day package for skilled kayakers in good shape that jumps between islands, but their best selling packages are for the Family Kayaking Tour and Short Break tour which don’t require extensive paddling.


If you’re an experienced kayaker and don’t want your paddling to be constrained by the restrictions of touring with a group of little tykes, some of the tour companies offer rentals for individual or group use. Sea-kayak rentals are available from Huck Finn Adventure Travel and Real Adventures, as well as in harbors and ports around much of the city.