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How to spend a vacation in Los Angeles on a low budget

los-angelesWith the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business, a large collection of high end stores, hotels and restaurants, it might seem close to impossible to plan a vacation in Los Angeles on a low budget. But never underestimate the power of planning in advance and doing your research.

Getting to Los Angeles

The fastest way to get to the famous city is by plane. You can find airline tickets to Los Angeles offered by a variety of carriers so looking for a good deal is only a matter of how much time you are willing to spend online.

The largest airport in the area is Los Angeles International Airport and the flights to LAX tend to be cheaper than the ones to the other airports. It’s a major hub for United Airlines so make sure to check their fares first when you start planning.

You should also look into renting a car, as the city is very large and you probably wouldn’t want to relay just on the public transport. Ideally, you should also book LAX parking as soon as you get your plane ticket.

If flying is not your thing, there are other ways to get to LA. However, getting from New York to LA takes 3 full days if you choose the bus or the train. San Diego is closer so you are looking at only 3 hours by bus or train.

Where to stay

The rental car I mentioned above really comes in handy if you want to stay in a cheap hotel. Those can usually be found in the Glendale or Pasadena areas but those neighborhoods are far away from both the beaches and sights.

There are plenty of hotels in Los Angeles but you’ll soon realize that many are quite cheap especially if you want to stay close to the downtown area.

There are also a bunch of hostels in Los Angeles but you need to plan in advance and carefully look for something that is located close to the sights.

What to do

If the budget is low, then the parks are really lovely places to explore. There are hiking trails you can try and of course, you can always enjoy the green space for free (although some gardens do have hefty entrance fees, so watch out for that).

A trip to LA is not complete without checking out the beaches . If you want some peace and quite, you might need to avoid the very popular places such as Venice Beach.

Make sure to visit Chinatown and keep your eyes open to spot some interesting meals or souvenirs.

And if you have some spare time, walking in the Hollywood is a good idea. Plus you can always try to find the star of your favorite actor or musician and take a photo there. When hunger strikes, try the Pink’s Hot Dogs . They are a nice choice for a low budget (but not so nice if you are watching your weight).