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How do you handle the Los Angeles airport?

Traveling to a big city can always be a bit frustrating. Every aspect of the process from planning to arrival can be enough to make your head spin. From finding cheap flights to finding cheap hotels; all of it can be very time consuming. You would think that because larger cities are in fact larger, that it would be easy to find a good deal on these sorts of things because there are so many to choose from. Ironically, it is for that exact reason that it is so hard to find deals on things. There are just so many deals out there that it makes it hard to find the best ones.

So, today I would like to get some reader feedback on how they handle one or larger and busier airports in North America, and certainly on the West coast, LAX airport in Los Angeles.

Lets start by talking about finding cheap flights to LAX. What sort of tips do you have for getting the best deals on flights out west? Have you found any airlines to be cheaper or better than others? If so, which ones are they?

The next logical thing most travelers flying out of LAX need to plan for is parking. You would think that finding a good LAX airport parking lot that didn’t cost an arm and a leg would be easy to find as well. But this just goes back to the statement above about how having too many options can be frustrating. What parking lots have you found to be the safest and most affordable?

If you are flying into LAX you probably aren’t worried so much about finding cheap parking, but more so at finding cheap hotels in Los Angeles. There are plenty of hotels here, but even some of the “cheap” ones might be more than you would expect them to be. On the plus side to that, at least many of the cheaper hotels are extremely nice. What is your favorite budget friendly hotel in Los Angeles?