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Hotel Kompass

cliffs_rocks_beach_280096_m.jpgBy most accounts, Hotel Kompass is Croatia’s nicest three star hotel. The hotel combines an amazing view with decent services and amenities to produce one of the best travel experiences available in Croatia on a mid-range budget.

Hotel Kompass is located near Dubrovnik, on the Lapad peninsula with a view overlooking the bay. The hotel regularly receives rave reviews and is a popular way to get semi-luxury accommodations on a budget.

The differences between Hotel Kompass and a luxury resort are slight. Where a resort might be described as “massive,” Hotel Kompass is “charming,” where a resort might be “pristine,” Hotel Kompass is “well-kept.”

When it comes to the food in the restaurant however, the reviews are more mixed. Some ring with recommendation and endorsement, comparing the food to the finest stuff in Italy’s best kitchens and gushing about the selection.

Others, find the food repetitive, the buffet limiting and the service average. Hotel Kompass may not have the finest kitchen to offer, but for budget travelers the food choices will likely be manageable and a far cry above what is usually offered in youth hostels.

Quick Facts

Hotel Kompass has 115 rooms over 5 floors.

Prices start at 94 euros a night.

Hotel Kompass is a three star hotel.

Accepts American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa.

There is a heated indoor pool and a heated outdoor pool as well as an accessible beach from your hotel.

Hotel Kompass is probably the best compromise you can make between a high-class resort and a youth hostel or budget hotel. While the service reflects the manageable over all price–there are fewer extra frills than a resort–the location, view and accommodations are just as good as a higher priced resort.