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Go to Las Vegas for Nature, Not Just City

Last month we brought up the idea of summer trip to Las Vegas as a good option for a quick getaway. But what if you’re looking for a break from city life? What if you’d rather spend your quick getaway away from concrete and cars? If you know anything about Las Vegas, you’ll know it can still fit the bill – because there’s far more on offer in Sin City than just the Sin (or the City).

One of the things that makes Vegas so popular is that it’s usually pretty cheap to get there and (unless you’re coveting a suite at the Paris) cheap to stay. From Los Angeles, it’s even worth considering making it a road trip – but with so many cheap flights to Las Vegas it’s also an easy plane ride away. And if you’ve ever flown into Vegas, you know that it’s a very short trip from even the busiest and neon-iest part of the city center to the many outdoor pursuits that surround the city.

While there’s many a Las Vegas travel guide that scarcely mentions anything beyond the casinos and clubs, there are so many outdoor activities in Las Vegas that you could spend a week in the city with a packed itinerary and never even venture onto the Strip. The desert that stretches out in all directions from the city is full of adventures. Whether you’re in the mood for a hike through Red Rock Canyon, an ATV ride through the El Dorado Canyon, or a rafting trip down the Colorado River, Las Vegas has you covered. You can combine your outdoor-centric trip with a bit of city glam by staying in downtown Las Vegas and going to a show or a fancy dinner after a day of hiking, or you can stay at an off-Strip hotel and avoid it altogether.

In other words, just because you want to get away from L.A. this summer, don’t overlook Las Vegas as a vacation destination – there’s plenty of un-city stuff to keep you entertained.

photo by Exothermic