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Getting from Guatemala City to Tikal

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and all the country’s highways start from here.

Tikal is a large archeological site. During the Classic Period it was one of the most important Mayan cities. Due to its remoteness and jungle setting, Tikal is one of the most popular Mayan sites to visit. Flores is the largest near-by town , through which visitors can connect to the rest of the country.

A travel agency practically has the monopoly of the buses that will pick you up from the hotel in Flores in the morning. The cost is Q60 (about US$8) round trip and Q35 (US$4.50) one way.

Quick summary

The cheapest way to get between Guatemala City and Tikal is by bus to Flores. The travel time is about 8 hours but the ticket costs about US$20. Once in Flores, choose a bus which will take you from the hotel to Tikal and bus for about US$8.

Flights from Guatemala City (airport code: GUA) to Tikal (Flores)

La Aurora International Airport (GUA) serves Guatemala City and is located about 6.4 km from the city center and 25 km from Antigua. It handles domestic flights , as well flights from other countries in Central and Northern America. A direct flight from Europe (Spain) is also available.

Mundo Maya International Airport (FRS) serves Flores, the largest city near Tikal. It handles both domestic and international traffic (Belize).

Flights between Guatemala City and Flores are operated by TACA. The flight time is 1h 10 min. Regardless of when you fly in 2012, expect to pay US$159 per person, one way. Round trip flights cost US$275.

Buses from Guatemala City to Tikal

Linea Dorada (attention: site only in Spanish!) runs buses between Guatemala City and Flores. There are two buses per day, one leaving Guatemala City at 10 a.m. and the other at 9:30 p.m. The single fare is Q170 (about US$22). On the way back, catch the bus from Flores at 10 a.m. or 9:30 p.m. The same fare applies. Reservations can be made online here .

Another much expensive option is to take a two days tour from Guatemala City to Tikal by bus. The price is US$180 per person and includes an English guide (doesn’t include beverages and taxes, though).

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Driving from Guatemala City to Tikal

You can rent a car in Guatemala City and drive the 477 km via Route 5 to Tikal. The drive time is about 6 ½ h but do take into account that it might take longer.

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