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Getting from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Every year millions of people travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Located about 228 miles from Los Angeles, Las Vegas is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world offering visitors a wide a variety of gambling activities, shows and many different events for the whole family. Founded in 1905 the city experienced its largest amounts of growth towards the end of the 20th century as this was the first major American city to offer legalized gambling.

Known for its dry desert climate Las Vegas is a city that is filled with lights and entertainment while sitting right in the middle of the dessert. Its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it an ideal spot for many people who live there to have the chance to have a nice short term get away. For the residents of Los Angeles this means that they can be able to travel a short distance to be able to enjoy what this oasis in the desert has to offer. While the distance between the two cities is not that far there are many different options that you have available when traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas such as:

By Car

This is one of the most common ways to travel between the two cities, depending on where you live the entire trip could take approximately fours and should connect you to Interstate 15 that will take you in a northeast direction to Las Vegas. In general you can be able to a rent a car from any of the major car rental agencies with a credit card in addition to being at least 25 years old. If you are leaving at a heavy traffic time (which is most of the time in many parts of Los Angeles) then the first 30 miles could take you 90 minutes or even more. So if you left at 4am then you could be in Las Vegas by 8am or maybe 8:30, but if you leave Los Angeles at 4pm, then you might not arrive in Vegas until 10pm or so. In other words, plan your exit time carefully.

By Train

While there once was a train that ran from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it is a thing of the past. There is no longer a passenger train that runs from state to state. There had once been talk of building a super train between the two major cities, but they are nothing but whispers at this point in time. So be clear that there is no train and no plans to be a train between the cities any time soon.

By Bus

There are two bus lines that offer regular service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Greyhound and Go To Bus. Greyhound usually takes about five to seven hours and it costs approximately $60.00 one way. While Go To Bus leaves once a day from several different commuter locations, the trip takes about five hours and it costs between $30.00 to $88.00 one way or $45.00 to $133.00 round trip.

By Shuttle

Viator offer luxury shuttle service between the two cities to include: movies, snacks, beverages, reclining seat and an on board attendant for just $80.00 each way. These shuttles leave once a day from pick up points in Los Angeles at: downtown, Hollywood, LAX Airport, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills hotels. Form Las Vegas these shuttles have pick up and drop off points at: the Flamingo, Golden Nugget as well as Harrah’s.

By Air

When you are traveling the between the two cities by air the cost is about the same as the other forms of travel, in addition you can arrive at your destination within about an hour and ten minutes. Southwest is generally the cheapest carrier offering discounted air fares between the two cities and they have service to the following airports with in the Greater Los Angeles area: Los Angeles International, Burbank, Orange County or Ontario in addition to Las Vegas. However, the major airlines also fly between the two cities and have various specials from the different Los Angeles airports.

Clearly there are many different options available for traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Some of the different options that you have available when traveling between the two cities include: traveling by car, traveling by plane, traveling by bus and traveling by shuttle. All will allow you to easily be at either destination within a few hours and the cost for traveling to them is not that expensive. This means that you can be able to have any enjoyable trip that everyone will remember while at the same time not having to worry about how much money you are spending to go to either destination.