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Getting from Lisbon to Porto (and return)

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has recently started to gain more and more popularity among travelers. It is one of the rare Western European cities which faces the water and knows how to use this for its own advantage. The intimate alleys, the superb views and the contemporary culture make it a travel destination year round.

Porto is the second largest city in the country. It is a busy industrial and commercial central. Its historical city has been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1996. The historical sites, along with the lovely scenery enchant any traveler.

Those planning a vacation in Portugal most often plan to visit both cities. So knowing how to get between them cheap and easy is a must.

Quick summary

Flying takes less than one hour, but for whatever reason, it’s cheaper to book a return flight between the two cities, rather than a one way flight. Still, for €132 per person you can travel between the Lisbon and Porto. A much better option is the train, which takes 3 hours and is also cheap (from €24 per person, one way).

Flights from Lisbon (airport code: LIS) to Porto

Aeroporto da Portela (airport code: LIS) serves Lisbon and is the largest international airport in Portugal. It is the main hub for TAP Portugal. Sá Carneiro Airport (airport code: OPO) serves Porto and is the 3rd largest airport in the country. The only airline running flights between Lisbon and Porto is TAP Portugal. The flight time is 55 min and the one way adult fare is €148. Return fares start at €132 per person.

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Trains from Lisbon to Porto

The national rail company (CP) offers direct trains from Lisbon to Porto. There are 18 departures daily and the travel time is 3 hours. The trains depart either from Lisboa – Entrecampos or Oriente. The 2nd class (turistica) fares start at €24 for an adult, one way. There are two types of trains to choose from: InterCity and Alfa-Pendular. Tickets can be bought here

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Buses from Lisbon to Porto

Rede Expressos runs buses between Lisbon and Porto. Unfortunately, at the time this article was written neither versions (English or Portuguese) of the website allow us to check the timetable or the prices.
Other website which lists buses from various companies gave the price for the Rede bus: €16.50 for an adult, one way. The trail time is 3 h 30 min.

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Driving from Lisbon to Porto

Driving from Lisbon to Porto is a real pleasure and you’ll be rewarded with superb views. So, rent a car , get a map and plan your trip. The shortest route is 317 km and you should be able to cover it in 3 hours. Please note that you’ll have to pay tolls.

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