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Getting from Oxford to Birmingham

Oxford is the oldest University city in the UK and is located close to the capital city of London. Aside from being the heart of university schooling in the UK , Oxford also boasts superb medieval churches which rival in beauty only with the colleges.

The closest airport to Oxford is Birmingham Airport (BHX), but it’s not as well served as London’s airports.

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Quick summary

To get from Oxford to Birmingham – or return – the cheapest way is by bus. The train has similar travel times but the fare is about double than the bus fare.

Trains from Oxford to Birmingham

Nation Rail operates direct trains between Oxford and Birmingham. Trains leave every 30 min, daily. The travel time is about 1h 10 min and the single fare starts at £15.00 but depends on the time of departure.

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Buses from Oxford to Birmingham

National Express operates direct buses between Oxford and Birmingham , with quite a lot of departures daily. The fastest travel time is 1 h 45 min and the single fare starts at £8.50.

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Driving from Oxford to Birmingham

You can rent a car in Oxford and drive the 70 miles to Birmingham – or the other way around. There are two routes and both take about the same (1 ½ h), but you do need to consider the traffic.

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